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I have a site that have a long list of categories..Looking for a code that can show only half of the categories with a "view more"(view more categories button).

1 solution

How about something like this?

$basic_attributes = array( ... );
    foreach ($basic_attributes as $basic_attribute)
        // Print html for $basic_attribute

    echo ' <form method="post" action="theform.php">';
    if (isset($_POST[i18n('strShowAdvancedAttrButton')]))
        // If showing then hide, but if hidden then show
        $show_table = !$_POST[i18n('strShowAdvancedAttr')];
        // If not set then show
        $show_table = TRUE;
    echo '  <input type="hidden" name="strShowAdvancedAttr" value="' . $show_table . '"/>';
    echo '  <input type="submit" name="strShowAdvancedAttrButton" value="Advanced Attributes"/>';
    echo '</form>';

    // Only show advanced attributes option if selected
    if (isset($_POST['ShowAdvancedAttrButton')]))
    // If advanced attrs are already shown then clicking button hides them again
        if (isset($_POST[i18n('strShowAdvancedAttr')]) && $_POST[i18n('strShowAdvancedAttr')] == TRUE)
            $advanced_attributes = array( ... );
            foreach ($advanced_attributes as $advanced_attribute)
                // Print html for $advanced_attribute

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