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I need to upload the excel file data into mysql server database tables. Need to automate this process using the scripts. The script should pick the file from the location and should validate the data in the excel and insert the data into the mysql table.

Can anyone help me in this regard.
[no name] 26-Jun-14 15:54pm    
Help you with what? You say "the script" like we would know what you are talking about. Is what you have written a script? C#? VB.NET? What is the problem with the code that you have written?
ZurdoDev 26-Jun-14 21:37pm    
Script can't automatically grab files off of a client computer. The user has to select. Otherwise, that's a huge security issue.

What's your actual question?
Prasad Avunoori 27-Jun-14 2:07am    
Do you want MySql Script?
Hithesh Reddy 27-Jun-14 15:06pm    
Yes, i need a MySql Script which picks the data from the excel sheet and then inserts into the database. The excel file will be placed in the local sever and then the script should pick the file from that location, then validate the data and then insert into DB.

As I am new to SQL scripts, I have no idea how to begin with. It would be great help if anyone could help me out in this regard.

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