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I have wrote a class that run the same class in the threads.

See code below

String outpiutFile1 = "c:\File1.txt";

String outpiutFile2 = "c:\File2.txt";

RunableThread run1 = new RunableThread(outpiutFile1);
Thread t1 = new Thread(run1);

RunableThread run2 = new RunableThread(outpiutFile2);
Thread t2 = new Thread(run2);

Question Why with this code the both thread t1 & t2 are writing in both files .

t1 logs events in both files
t2 logs events in both files
It seems like the multi threading create unique instance for run1 and run2 classes.
Updated 6-May-10 2:44am
Richard MacCutchan 6-May-10 8:23am    
Without seeing some more of your code it is impossible to offer a sensible suggestion.
Nagy Vilmos 9-May-10 5:44am    
The important part here that is missing is the content of RunnableThread's run method.
j4v1 10-Sep-10 17:20pm    
I agree, the Code of RunableThread is missing. Submit it, and there can be help...
krumia 11-Feb-12 23:04pm    
Agreed. I don't see any problem in the code you have posted here. You should post the RunnableThread class' code.

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