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How to close current page on submit and redirect to other page in new tab ?

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Jul-14 0:44am    
Why closing and showing a different tab? Isn't it equivalent to showing new page in the same window? In this case, the problem becomes trivial.
tahirgr8_2000 7-Jul-14 0:48am    
Dear sergey,
I want that when i click sumbit button, the current page1.aspx will close and it will redirect to another new page2.aspx.

1 solution

Please see my comment the question. This is what I would strongly recommend you to do.

As to the "tab", it looks like the browser "decides" weather a new window should be a separate window or a tab page by its own rule, based on the parameters of The W3 standards don't specify this detail, so you cannot have universal browser-independent control over this feature. Generally, it is recommended to leave it to the user, who can ultimately decide what content should be loaded on a new window, a tab, or in the same window. To most users, adding new windows or tabs without their consent is quite irritating. The users should decide; and your Web application should not rely on any assumptions on what happens on the activation of the link.

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tahirgr8_2000 7-Jul-14 0:57am    
this.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.GetType(), "Close", "window.close()", true);

Check this . I have used this code for first close my current window and then try to go to new page . But Window not close , only page open with in same tab.

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