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Hai all,
Is possible to write data to excel while excel is open? Using EPPLUS library

I can do it if use interop service, but the problem is can't close EXCEL.exe in task manager.
I have tried to close with many way, but still get failed.

So, now i move to EPPLUS library, because EPPLUS create or and add excel data and then close it automatically.
Now the problem is, i cant write data to excel while excel is open.
Is possible to do it?
Thank you
[no name] 7-Jul-14 14:05pm    
No you will get exception that the file is opened by another user.
ZurdoDev 7-Jul-14 14:54pm    
Yes, in general you can. You can't reopen the file as sankarsan is alluding to but you can get a handle on the existing instance of Excel. However, I know nothing of EPPLUS so I would check their documentation.
bonjot 7-Jul-14 14:57pm    
okay thank you.
i have slidden my mind, maybe use how to prevent user to open the primary file which accessed by program.
i found it.
sorry for my bad english, thank you.

1 solution

You don't need to give up with Interop. All you need to do is to release Excel objects.
How? Please, see: Releasing Excel after using Interop[^]
More information about your issue you'll find using Google[^].
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bonjot 8-Jul-14 12:46pm    
i have did it, releasing excel object and workbook.
maybe sometime i'll try again with code in that link. :D
now i want to try using epplus, it write data to excel faster than excel interop, and so simple how to use.
I want to ask again about EPPLUS, how to add series value to existing chart? Using EPPLUS, i still can't find the way yet.
thank you

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