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I have an excel which contain numeric and some numbers are displayed with one decimal where there actual value contain 2 decimals for ex it display 0.3 and when I select that cell its value is 0.25

My problem is I'm saving that excel file as xlUnicodeText:
xlSheet.SaveAs(FileName, Excel.XlFileFormat.xlUnicodeText)  

and the data in my text file are displaying it as 0.3.

How I can make it to take and save it in my text file as its true value 0.25 and not as it is displayed?
[no name] 9-Jul-14 7:57am    
Try changing the format in your Excel sheet.
TheWebDeveloper 9-Jul-14 8:05am    
The user don't want to do that they want it to be programmed
CHill60 9-Jul-14 8:15am    
Then *programmatically* change the format of the sheet before you save it to text.
TheWebDeveloper 10-Jul-14 1:54am    
Yes that is my question, how to do that?
Maciej Los 9-Jul-14 9:25am    
Are you sure there is a 0.25 instead of 0.3?

To programmatically remove the formatting that is causing the problem try something like this
Excel.Range oRng = MySheet.UsedRange;   // or whatever range you need
oRng.NumberFormat = "General";
This also works
oRng.NumberFormat = null;
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CHill60 9-Jul-14 8:14am    
What's that got to with the format being saved to the text file?

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