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I have 2 tables in an SQL 2008 Server, master and detail, detail table has a date field, I want to check the last record's date field of the detail table of every master record. I want either to add the last record to a NEW datatable or add it to a grid so I can check with the function if the date of each record meets some criteria eg. if from the function date field value is a month forward : = 18 July 2013 and date field value os 18 August 2013 then do something eg display a messagebox. I have made the code for the check date (if need I will post it in VB .Net) but how can I do the selection, is something like this work?

For i = 0 To datatable.Rows.Count - 1

maybe it is a dbgrid or something. OR can I use an inner join in an SQL string with an sqldataadapter and add the detail's table last record's datefield to a NEW dataset and do the check? if you can add some SQL code to do it?

master TABLE : Student
StudentId   StudentName
1           PRASAD
2           RAM
3           RAJ

detail TABLE : Enroll
EnrollId        Course      StudentId   RegesterdDate
1               JAVA        1           2014-07-05 09:03:22.330

2               .NET        1           2014-07-07 09:03:22.330

3               HTML        2           2014-07-01 09:03:22.330

4               MVC         2           2014-07-09 09:03:22.330 value I want to select the most recent date of the detail table this is one record of student RAM

5               CSS         3           2014-07-05 09:03:22.330

6               JQUERY      3           2014-07-06 09:03:22.330

Expected Result:
StudentId   StudentName     Course      RegesterdDate
1           RAM             MVC         2014-07-09 09:03:22.330

Thank you
Updated 10-Jul-14 23:34pm
Maciej Los 10-Jul-14 15:03pm    
Not clear ;(
OriginalGriff 10-Jul-14 15:11pm    
I had a think about this, and there isn't really enough info here to be precise.
Perhaps what you want to do is forget English for a few minutes and give us short samples of the two tables and what you want to see as the output - that way we can tell where what data is, and how it connects the two tables together?
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Swinkaran 11-Jul-14 0:00am    
As per my understanding, you want to find out the Course the student recently enrolled to. Am I correct?
Member 3892343 11-Jul-14 4:38am    
yes i want to select the molst recent date of the records of detail table of every master table record, i will try other answers sql also.
ArunRajendra 11-Jul-14 5:20am    
Check my solution hope that's what your are looking out for.

Not sure if this what you mean. In my project I had to list the latest record with data from linked tables. My query was (with names changed), you can add other columns you need:

string query = "select StartTimestamp from Table1, Table2 ";
       query += "where Table1.ID=Table2.ID ";
       query += "and StartTimestamp in (select MAX(StartTimestamp) from Table1)";

You could also use SELECT TOP command after sorting.
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Try this query.

select a.StudentId,StudentName,Course,RegesterdDate from Student a inner join Enroll  b on a.StudentId = b.StudentId
 Inner join (
 select StudentId,MAX(RegesterdDate) rdate from Enroll
 group by StudentId) as p on p.StudentId = b.StudentId and p.rdate = b.RegesterdDate
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