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My PC is located in front of my bed but is still too far to get up and change music when i'm chilling. So i was thinking of a new project to cover this need. I have a free white wall and a blue laser pointer. My idea is to be able to capture in real time the wall and point the laser at a specific place to next or pause the music or do any other functions. My only problem is that i need to process the image in real time and get the laser's dot location. im gonna write the program in I tried to recognize the shape using AForge libraries but i was unlucky translating it to .NET. So im asking for your help if you have any other idea on how to get it done. Im testing it on a paper first using preshot images but im gonna integrate real time capturing afterwards. Thanks

Note that the way im gonna use the location is by creating a grid with squares

Example empty paper:
Example paper with dot:
pdoxtader 11-Jul-14 9:23am    
I think this question is too broad. People here will feel like you want them to write the app for you... and they won't do that. I'm surprised you don't have people beating you up about it already. You need to do the research yourself and start coding. Then if you get stuck, ask a question here.
Member 8204972 13-Jul-14 11:42am    
Yeah, im sorry if it sounded like that but i have pretty much of the job done in my head. I just need some ideas on how the recognision will work
pdoxtader 11-Jul-14 9:28am    
Also, you seem like you have some coding experience (just judging from what you wrote in your question). So I think you already know that you will have to do some pixel comparison using images (bitmaps). If you didn't - well then that's a good place to start.
Member 8204972 13-Jul-14 11:42am    
Thanks you very much that's a good idea now i just need to play with image comparison

1 solution

You may want to look into the following possibilities for your intended project. I personally think your project holds promise especially for the elderly and disabled person.

OpenCV is not compatible with however EMGU is a wrapper that allows you to use OpenCV through VB.Net.



And finally a Code Project post (C# unfortunately but you can convert the code to VB) to get you going with EMGU:
Creating Your First EMGU Image Processing Project[^]

Good luck, it sounds like a very interesting project indeed.
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