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I have three columns in a table like name,village,state.
Name='Samba Siva'
State='Andra pradesh'

I want to cancatenate three columns like first two characters of first column and first characters of second column and First character of third column and current year last two digits.

I have tried like this

select right(replace(name,2)+Cast(cast(coalesce(max(village),0) as varchar) as varchar),2) customercode
from(select top 1 customercode from K_FS_DistributorDetails order by customercode)r;

but its not working. i.e: I want output like
Here 14 is the current year last two digits.
Please tell me how can I write query please help me.......

SELECT TOP 1 UPPER(LEFT(Name, 2) + LEFT(Village, 2) + LEFT(State, 1) + CONVERT(VARCHAR, YEAR(GETDATE()) % 100)) code
  FROM K_FS_DistributorDetails
 ORDER BY customercode DESC

Try this ,
I also checked in SQL Fiddle..
Demo SQL Fiddle
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Use below syntax

Select left(isnull(Name,''),2) + left(isnull(Village,''),1) + left(isnull(State,''),1) + Right(Year(getdate()),2) From ......Your Query
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