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Hello i m unable to hide the title from my javascript popup.
I m using the following code,

Can someone help me out?
Thanks in advance
Updated 6-May-10 20:38pm

titlebar = { yes | no | 1 | 0 }
Specifies whether to display a Title Bar for the window. The default is yes.

Internet Explorer 5.5 and later. This feature is no longer supported. The Title Bar remains visible unless the fullscreen sFeature is active.

Thus, you need:
fullscreen = { yes | no | 1 | 0 }
Specifies whether to display the browser in full-screen mode. The default is no. Use full-screen mode carefully. Because this mode hides the browser's title bar and menus, you should always provide a button or other visual clue to help the user close the window. ALT+F4 closes the new window.

For full details read here: Method[^]
Leave titlebar=no and if it's "not working" it's because the browser doesn't support it or the browser's settings have been set to always show the title bar regardless. It is up to the user to control their browser experience, not your code, so if these things aren't working they aren't working, you can't do anything about it. You could see if "dialog" mode will do what you want.
Richard Deeming 15-Oct-15 10:43am
This is a question from 2010. It's only appeared in the recent list because of the non-answer posted as solution #3.

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