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I'm writing a method to retrieve the dataset structure as returned by a specified stored procedure.

The code in C# (under development so a little dirty) is as follows:

public static TableInfoList DeriveTableInfo(string linkedServer, string query)
            string temporaryTable = string.Format("generatorTemp{0}", new Random(DateTime.Now.Millisecond).Next(0, 1000).ToString());

            string sql = string.Format("SELECT * INTO {0} FROM OPENQUERY ({1}, \'{2}\')", temporaryTable, linkedServer, query);

            new DataAccess().ExecuteCommandText(sql);

            TableInfoList derived = new TableInfoList("dbo", temporaryTable);

            sql = string.Format("DROP TABLE {0}", temporaryTable);

            new DataAccess().ExecuteCommandText(sql);

            return derived;

With the basic approach being summarisable as:

1) Create a temp table
2) Use OPENQUERY to run the sproc into the table
3) Derive all the necessary info from the temporary table (done by the TableInfoList constructor with a call to sys.sp_columns) and drop it

This works perfectly until I attempt to invoke a sproc which employs a temporary table. The table created by the sproc is not recognised as it is out of scope and I get an error message to the effect of "#WhateverTheTempTableIsCalled is not a valid object."

Given that the method is intended for use in various analysis and code generating tasks based on a vast number of pre-existing sprocs, altering the target sproc is not an option.

Does anyone know of a workround with OPENQUERY or perhaps an alternative to using it?

1 solution

I just use ExecuteReader to execute the statement and then use GetSchemaTable to access the details of the result.
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PeejayAdams 21-Jul-14 5:34am    
Thanks, Piebald but that runs into the same issue - I also get the same "invalid object" error if I run the commands via SMS. The problem really stems from going via a linked server. For my current purposes, I can work around it by making a direct connection to the server/database that contains the sproc in question and creating the temporary table there but that's a slightly untidy solution as I'll have to maintain multiple connection strings etc.

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