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I am trying to get back into VB Coding again. And would like to create something like a IP Scanner. I've kind of googled my way around getting other basic information, like my Internal/External Ip address. But not sure how to list computer ones. I have browsed endless threads on this. People all post there code, but when i try out there stuff nothing works. It seems the VB support is dying out. If anybody can point me in the right direction, and provide an example script, or a working solution out there, that would be appreciated.
Maciej Los 22-Jul-14 2:00am
"Nothing works" - is not informative at all! You should reference to the article, then you have to explain why it does not work as you expected.

Not sure if stumbled upon this[^].

The article uses NetServerEnum function to get the list of work stations.
FIrst of all, please read my comment to the question.

There is tons of examples on Google[^].

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