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I am newbie to MVC tech. I want to call a simple method of a controller. Here it is what I did so far.

on change event of dropdownlist I am calling the controller's function.

    $(document).ready(function () {
        $('#ChangeStatus').change(function () {

            var selectVal = $('#ChangeStatus option:selected').val().toString();
            var selecttext = $('#ChangeStatus option:selected').text().toString();

                type: "GET",
                url: '@Url.Action("demo", "displayDemo")',
                contentType: "application/json",
                dataType: 'json',
                data: { dispID: selectVal },
                success: function (response) {
                //alert('Calling function successfuly');
                var returnValue = response.ReturnValue;



"demo" is my method accepting one string parameter and returning another string. and "
" is the controller's name.

in controller I have

       public string demo(string dispID)
          string msg="showing "+dispID;
          return msg;

After executing it, I am not getting desired result back. I am sure I am missing something. please help me to figure it out.

It's showing me error like
0x800a138f - JavaScript runtime error: Unable to get property 'ReturnValue' of undefined or null reference

1 solution

Hi :)

In controller try this code.

       public string demo(string dispID)
          string msg="showing "+dispID;
          return msg;

This should work here
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