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I have a multiple check boxes in my Windows forms. Based on the Selection of this checkbox i have Called the Stored procedure with corresponding arguments then i have looping the query result and assigned that result into collection object. Finally i have assigned that Collection to DataGridView control as datasource. That time it takes too much time to binding the Datasource.

Assume, if one checkbox is in unchecked. if i'm going to Check that checkbox, that time i have doing the above mentioned process within that CheckedChanged event itself. So, upto the above process is getting completed the checkbox is in unchecked mode. After completing the biding process only that checkbox getting Checked.

How to resolve this?

I want to immediately display the checkbox as checked in display.
S.Krishnamoorthi 24-Jul-14 9:02am    
I have 4 Checkboxes and 3 Radio button in my screen like below
R only
I Only
D Only
In only

Radio Buttons
Based on the selections of the above control i have passed a parameter to Stored Procedure and get the result. After that i have convert the datatable value to Collection. Finally this Collection is assigned to DatagridView control as a datasource.

All this process are done within the Checked Changed event.

Usually while Check or UnChecking the Check boxes in run mode, suddenly it will get reflected in display. (i.e Assume now The Checkbox R is in UnChecked mode, now we are going to make it as Checked.) That time it will not shows in the Display as Checked mode upto the above mentioned GridBinding process get completed. After GridBinding Process completed only it will get displayed like Checked mode.

1 solution

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S.Krishnamoorthi 25-Jul-14 2:51am    
is there possible to solve the above issues?

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