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DirectoryInfo info = new DirectoryInfo(@"E:\Sidh\ConsoleApplication1\ConsoleApplication1\bin\Debug\f");
foreach (FileInfo file in info.GetFiles())

The above Code Shows An Error:
The process cannot access the file 'changes.doc' because it is being used by another process.
How to Solve This Problem?
[no name] 24-Jul-14 7:50am
Shut down the other process that is using the file.
Wendelius 24-Jul-14 7:58am
Now I wonder if you're trying to remove the files from application consoleapplication1. If that is the case, then it doesn't make sense if you try to remove the executable you're running...
Sid_Joshi 24-Jul-14 8:06am
No sir I am trying to remove files from "Debug\f" Directory
Rob Philpott 24-Jul-14 8:01am
I don't think you can. You would need the process that holds the lock to release it, or to be terminated. That could be on another computer somewhere.

Good question though, I'd be interested to know if anyone does know how you can do this.
Christian Amado 24-Jul-14 8:15am
You cannot do it. You need to close the another process as the message says. Another way is to loop the list of active processed and kill from there but is more complicated. Just inform the situation to the user as @CPallini wrote in his Solution 1 ;)
Sid_Joshi 24-Jul-14 8:27am
I agree with you but can you explain me how to identify and kill that another process.
It's not impossible task I think antivirus programs often runs this tasks to kill process which can cause harm to computer.


How our application access a file, when we try to open the file it open a ptr( Pointer) which unique for that file so if the file is no shared system will not allow to point other process to it.

How to Use Files in C :[^]

& in C#[^]

So if you want to access files in same time you need to share file but in terms of delete it wont solve the problem so you need to kill those process first then you will be able to delete it.
You shouldn't solve that 'problem'. It is not nice to delete a file while it is used by another. A workaround would be terminating the process that uses the file and then deleting the file itself (anyway not a nice behaviour).
Why don't you simply inform the user about?
Rob Philpott 24-Jul-14 8:00am
It'd be news to me if you could solve that problem. AFAIK, there is no way other than determining what's got the lock and getting it to release it.
Sid_Joshi 24-Jul-14 8:02am
Thank you for your Help but, Boss I want To delete some specious files of my Program Files Folder.
Windows not Allowed to delete this Files
That's Y i am writing this program.
CPallini 24-Jul-14 8:05am
If Windows doesn't allow, how could your program possibly do it?
Sid_Joshi 24-Jul-14 8:10am
By Killing the process that uses the file.
Suvabrata Roy 24-Jul-14 9:32am
It may used by service killing that service may cause serious damage to system so please be careful while doing the same.

You can view resource monitor to view which file is using by whom (Process).
Sid_Joshi 25-Jul-14 2:01am
I don't want to stop any system related process just wants to delete suspicious files in Program Files Directory ex. sdfgsdj, tfg, ujuy such files.
Suvabrata Roy 25-Jul-14 2:40am
they may refer to some sort of supporting or temp file for some application or service because Program Files is root directory of application and service.

Please check the dependency before delete.
I will suggest you to do this kind of operation boot using safe mode.
Logically its possible only when
1. Accessible folder/file is closed OR
2. Process end tasked for accessing Files/Folders by TaskManager
3. Accessible file/Folder is released from resp process.
Sid_Joshi 24-Jul-14 8:59am
I agree with u mr. suresh. but how to find that process to kill. I don't know that process name. otherwise I manually killed that process from Task manager.
I Installed Kasper sky internet security and deleted files named yhwodewi.exe which located in my Program Files Directory.

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