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hi there,

I am developing an android app and need to educate myself on how android apps are hosted.

Sure I read this site:[^]

and this site:[^]

but my question is:

does my finished android need to be hosted on a server?

so when I finish developing it and am ready to deploy to google play store, do I upload my entire app on "my rented server" and then within google play store point to it?

for those of you that have uploaded apps to google play store I would really appreciate some help

another question: the android app I am developing when it opens retrieves a list of names from a database, I currently use XAMPP in which I have created a MYSQL database with a table that contains the names. When I am in my house, I can retrieve the list of names no problem using wifi or just 3g on my phone. However if I am outside and my XAMPP is turned on and then I try and open my app the listview of names is not populated.

Why is that? I am thinking its because my app is not hosted on a server itself, just the database with the names that are used in the listview grid is...

thank you
Updated 3-Sep-14 0:47am

1 solution

Yes and no!
All your users will download it from a central storage (host/server) but that central storage called Google Play, so you have not create it!
As for the database problem...I suspect that you application connect the database as local, but you do not publish your database with the application (it will be problematic anyway to run MySQL on a smartphone...). I should consider it as a design problem, but unless you give more details I can not tell exactly...
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