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I'm working on a big project in vs2010 using happened here is that from a couple of days, my program started acting so weird in debug mode. It slowed down to take about 10 sec. more than usual(note: nothing in code was changed or added), plus some buttons would simply take one minute to respond.So I tried running my project without debugging, when I discovered that my program is fast and the buttons that took one min.(in debug mode) would simply do what they are supposed to do in one second.
So what is the problem and how can I solve it, without having some effects(cause I googled it and found some solutions that had side effects).
Thanks in advance.
Updated 2-Aug-14 23:02pm

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So what is the problem and how can I solve it
The problem is you should never release a debug build of your program (pardon the pun). Debug builds are intended for debugging, that is developers use them for understanding what's wrong in their code. Customers should always get the release builds.
Debug builds contain a lot of info intended to support debugging and are not expected to be performant.
Member 9451601 3-Aug-14 9:22am
What about the debug mode, working in debug mode to try my code is so hard with such delay in time after pressing a button
Member 9451601 8-Aug-14 7:24am
Why there's no answers for my question?!!!

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