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Hello everyone,

I have been working on a silverlight project that involes images from a database.
The process is as follows:
1.- We have a table in the database that has images.
2.- Using WCF we get those images, we don't get a collection, just one image per query.
3.- What the problem is that silverlight shows some images only, is not random, there are specific images that are shown. The image controls is 100 X 100 pixels.
4.- We checked the database using another program in that works under the same table on the database, and they are able to show every one of them.

I need to know if this is an issue with silverlight, or maybe the properties of the image itself like the size, I already did several checks and review several posts regarding images with silverlight but to no avail.

Thanks in advance.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 8-Aug-14 13:55pm    
You did not really describe a single issue.
darkelflemurian 20-Aug-14 18:53pm    
I think I described my issue, but then again, what happens is that when I fetch an image in silverlight from a database, I can see some of them and others I cannot. This is not randomly and are always the same images that are not shown. at first I though that it would be because there was no data in the database, But using an ASP.NET web site which access the same table and columns, I am able to see the images perfectly well that in silverlight I cannot.
Jason Gleim 8-Aug-14 14:19pm    
As Sergey notes, you should edit your question and add more details. For example, you don't tell where it is failing. Does the service callback get a full image back from the service? (received image size is the same as the size in the database) Can you confirm that the images are being stored in your app properly after the service call? How are you linking the stored images to the UI for display... Are you directly assigning image properties in code or are you binding them in an MVVM-type structure?

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