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I am using SignalR for chatting users in my web application,signal version is 1.1.4.
My application get strucks after SignalR connection started.
I try to find issue using firebug , it shows the poll GET method SignalR loads continuously for never ending.

GET http://localhost:12869/signalr/poll?transport=...ame%22%3A%22chat%22%7D%5D&tid=10&_=1407755818601

last Id (91407755818601) of the method changing for every new request , but these GET method executes continuously.

Please help me .
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 11-Aug-14 8:09am
It's not clear! Your problem is that the client constantly calls the server? It is how SignalR should work...
dorababu407 11-Aug-14 8:48am
i am observing these method executes continuously

SignalR: Attempting to connect to '…22name%22%3A%22chat%22%7D%5D&messageId=B%2C0%7CC%2C0%7CD%2C0%7CE%2C0&tid=5' using longPolling
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 11-Aug-14 9:17am
It only means that your browser does not support any better options than 'long polling' so SignalR uses it...There is nothing wrong with it - I suggest to learn how SignalR works to understand what happening your application!

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