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i call web service with intellij, when i not exaption use String return . and i exaption use dataset return . web service is 3.5.

exaption is:

<pre lang="text">[WARNING] src-resolve.4.2: Error resolving component 's:schema'. It was detected that 's:schema' is in namespace '', but components from this namespace are not referenceable from schema document 'http://localhost:14532/OISService.asmx?WSDL#types?schema1'. If this is the incorrect namespace, perhaps the prefix of 's:schema' needs to be changed. If this is the correct namespace, then an appropriate 'import' tag should be added to 'http://localhost:14532/OISService.asmx?WSDL#types?schema1'.
line 75 of http://localhost/OISService.asmx?WSDL#types?schema1

[WARNING] src-resolve: Cannot resolve the name 's:schema' to a(n) 'element declaration' component.
line 75 of http://localhost/OISService.asmx?WSDL#types?schema1</pre>

[ERROR] undefined element declaration 's:schema'
line 75 of http://localhost/OISService.asmx?WSDL`


create code make iis, i am not change code. wsdl code is :&lt;

<pre lang="text">

&gt; `&lt;s:element name="GetPaymentInfoFilterResponse"
&lt;s:element minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" name="GetPaymentInfoFilterResult"&gt;
&lt;s:element ref="s:schema"/&gt;


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