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Hello Guys,

I would like develop a cricket board game.
Is this possible in Java.
If so can anyone guide me on this..

Help is most appreciate

[no name] 12-Aug-14 7:48am

This is not a question we can answer: it's far, far too general.
Have a look at the FAQ: Code Project Quick Answers FAQ[^] and it says:
"Be specific! Don't ask "I need to write a booking application". Specify exactly what it is you need help with."
And that's because these are "quick answers" not - "very long answers that probably should be a book instead"

We aren't set up to tell you how to write a game - or any other application - if for no other reason that we have no idea what your skills and knowledge are, much less how you might want the app to work!

So sit down, think about the problems, and try again when you have a much, much more specific question! (Preferably, one we can answer in this much text! :laugh:)
Hi Baz,
I suggest you first read Code Project Quick Answers FAQ[^], and then start at[^] ;)

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