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i am trying to use multiple rfid door lock but records will save in one server so how can i handle multiple rfid readers. can i get rfid reader id with rfid tag id or assign unique id to rfid reader ?

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That depends entirely on your hardware and the information you can get out of the reader when it scans something.

This is where you hit the documentation on the reader and it's SDK, if there is one.
abid zahid 16-Aug-14 1:54am
thanks a lot! can you suggest some brands or types of rfid readers ? which can solve my problem?
Dave Kreskowiak 16-Aug-14 10:07am
No, because we don't know anything about your requirements, and I suspect neither do you. I say that because "handle multiple rfids" is not a proper requirement. Define, in explicit detail, what the business case that needs to be solved is. Is this a situation where you're scanning badges for security? Are you unlocking doors with this access? How many doors are you securing? How many doors do you anticipate expanding to in the future? Are you supporting multiple buildings in the same system? How far from each door to a central location? Is an existing communication infrastructure nearby each location, i.e.: Ethernet network, premise phone wiring? Is there an existing system out there that meets all of your requirements without having to write any code?

If you think it's cheaper to write your own code, think again. How much do you get paid per hour? How long do you think it's going to take to write the system yourself and upgrade it? Chances are really good that off-the-shelf solutions are cheaper.

You're designing a system, not just a piece of software. Since you have no hardware, writing the software is a moot point. You have no idea what you're using for hardware, what it communicates over, how you're going to connect these devices to your computer, ..., nothing.

You have to define your requirements before you go off trying to find hardware to satisfy those requirements.

For example, it makes absolutely no sense to get a bunch of USB-based RFID readers when you're trying to attach them to doors for security. You'd have to put a PC near every door to do that. Ethernet-based RFIDs would be better for that case.

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