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I've recently hit a dead end, I've been trying to make a MySql class that would handle the Insert, Delete, Open Connection, Close Connection etc... I made a function to return the INSERT string, the INSERT string is compiled from the pass paramaters/arguments, the dead end is that to make this work I would have to pass in 2 params arrays for the column names and the values, I know that this is not possible and can't think of any other way of doing this.
private string genInsertString(string tableName, params string[] columnNames)
    string query = "INSERT INTO " + tableName + " (" + String.Join(", ", columnNames) +"), VALUES(" +  + ")";
    return query;

If you could help me I would be very grateful. Thanks
Updated 15-Aug-14 3:51am
[no name] 15-Aug-14 9:45am    
Why are you using params at all?
hudec117 15-Aug-14 10:40am    
The number of columns isn't fixed so using params I'm able to put in the number of columns I want.
[no name] 15-Aug-14 11:04am    
So? You can do the same thing witha List or array.

Pass a dictionary containing the parameter names and values as key/value instead of using your current approach.
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hudec117 15-Aug-14 10:40am    
How would I handle the number of columns?
Abhinav S 15-Aug-14 12:03pm    
What you need to pass is an object of a class containing all these values.
Hoewever, you can also try Tuple -
You could also create a small class that had a public property for ParamName and another public string for ParamValue and then have it take a List<> of your class.
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