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I want to prepare Offer using Third party dll file...
Here is my code..
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
      Spire.Doc.Document document = new Spire.Doc.Document();
      document.LoadFromFile(Server.MapPath("~\\Vijju offer letter.docx"));

      //Convert to PDF and Launch PDF
      document.SaveToFile("Word2PDF.PDF", FileFormat.PDF);

I got an exception at second line "
Current file path is not exits.

but i have a .docx file..but it shows an exception..
please help me...
Thanks In Advance..
Updated 17-Aug-14 19:02pm

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[no name] 16-Aug-14 3:34am    
Hi..i used first link and i got an Exception
object outputFileName = wordFile.FullName.Replace(".doc", ".pdf"); line
like "COMException was Unhandled by user code
Unspecified error"

How can i solve this
[no name] 16-Aug-14 6:16am    
Please do this

add a reference to Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word to the solution.

You can try to put your .doc file in folder that contains .csproj, then load the file using

document.LoadFromFile(Server.MapPath("~\\Vijju offer letter.docx"));

Or load the .doc file directly by its relative path

document.LoadFromFile(@"E:\..\..\Vijju offer letter.docx");
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Your path must be full name consist of your doc also. Try this;

private string path = @"D:\archemendo\doc\";
private string fileName_word1 = "Arche.docx";

public void WordTest() 
   document.LoadFromFile(path + fileName_word1);
   RunWordFile(path + fileName_word1);

public void RunWordFile(string fileName) {
catch(Exception ex)
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