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List<student> studIDList = handler.GetStudentIDList();
int[] studID = studIDList.ToArray();

This is the code i have but it does not work.
Assume studIDList have been populated.

Thank you in advance.[^]
Updated 18-Aug-14 3:36am

You can't convert a List of student class instances to integers - the system doesn't know how to do that.

But, if the student class has an integer property such as an ID number you can get an array of those:
List<student> studIDList = handler.GetStudentIDList();
int[] studID = studIDList.Select(s => s.Id).ToArray();

[edit]Typos - OriginalGriff[/edit]
Rudolfskow 19-Aug-14 2:39am
I know i can convert a list of students class instance to integers...But i ran out of options cause nothing i tried seem to work...and that why I came here...And Solution 2 work for me...Thank you btw...
1.The method ToArray() returns an array of Student objects;

2.If you need an array of integer with the ID of the students, you have to iterate your first list and create a list of IDs, then to use ToArray() on this 2nd list, like in example bellow:
List<student> studIDList = handler.GetStudentIDList();
List<int> idList= new List<int>;
foreach(student item in studIDList)
  idList.Add(item.ID); //Here you should use the property used for student ID!
int[] studID = idList.ToArray();
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 18-Aug-14 12:11pm
5ed, but this loop is already implemented in generic List; so the solution is just one like of code; please see my Solution 3.
Rudolfskow 19-Aug-14 2:41am
This work Perfectly...I was sitting with the problem for so long...Thank you so I can continue with my other problems... :) ...Thanx again I really Appreciate it...
Raul Iloc 19-Aug-14 2:48am
I am glad that I could help you! If my solution works for you, it will be nice from you to accept it.
In addition to Solution 2:
The iteration is made in one line using the method already implemented in the class System.Collections.Generic.List<>:[^].

Raul Iloc 19-Aug-14 1:01am
Yes, this solution is better then mine. You have my vote!
I appreciate that, Raul.

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