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Hi guys,

I was working on web application.

n was using menu..

<div id='cssmenu'>
                                   <li><a href='#'><span>Home</span></a></li>
                                   <li class='has-sub'><a href='#'><span>Master Setup</span></a>
                                           <li><a href="MasterSetup/DeptList.aspx">Departments</a></li>
                                           <li><a href="MasterSetup/RigList.aspx">Rig</a></li>
                                           <li><a href="MasterSetup/WellList.aspx">Well</a></li>
                                           <li><a href="#">Unit</a></li>
                               <li class='has-sub'><a href='#'><span>Daily Reports</span></a>
                                               <li><a href="#">Report Generation</a></li>
                                               <li><a href="#">Report View</a></li>
                                   <li class='has-sub'><a href='#'><span>For Accounts</span></a>
                                               <li><a href="#">Report</a></li>

                                   <li class='last has-sub'><a href='#'><span>Eq. Utilization</span></a>
                                           <li><a href="#">Details</a></li>


and then other links are not working...

why i'm getting # after my page address.

please help me.

Updated 19-Aug-14 23:52pm
ZurdoDev 19-Aug-14 14:42pm
You'll need to click on Improve question and show the code where you actually create the menu.
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 19-Aug-14 14:51pm
I think the hyperlink above this section is having some part in this job. Because the href hash location is a part of the above link only.
SteveyJDay 19-Aug-14 14:52pm
Your a href="" points to this address "#collapseOne".

a href="#collapseOne" really means href="http://localhost:10329/MasterSetup/RigList.aspx#collapseOne" because you didn't provide a full URL the browser assumes it is supposed to use the current root "http://localhost:10329/MasterSetup/RigList.aspx"
abdul subhan mohammed 20-Aug-14 6:12am
I find the problem in the href address, bcoz I have my asp pages in the sub folder, that's y it's making the problem, n if the asp page in the root folder then it's not making the problem, so any clue, how can I solve this issue.

1 solution

All the links are supposed to change their look after they are visited. This is controlled by CSS styles. The CSS keyword "visited" is one of the pseudo-classes which allow you to show the same element depending on its state. Please see:[^].

To understand selectors and pseudo-classes, please see also:[^],[^].


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