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i am using datagrid of wpf toolkit.i am binding datagrid with List data.
i want to delete selected row from datagrid on button click event.
how can i do this?


The RemovedItems items reflects the items removed from the selection, and not from the grid.

Handle the PreviewKeyDown event, and use the SelectedItems property to delete the selected rows there:

private void PreviewKeyDownHandler(object sender, KeyEventArgs e) {
var grid = (DataGrid)sender;
if ( Key.Delete == e.Key ) {
foreach (var row in grid.SelectedItems) {
... // perform linq stuff to delete here

try this and let me know
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In WPF there is a property "SelectedItem" for selecting a row and "Remove" function for deleting a row.

xamal code:
<datagrid name="datagridTable" selecteditem="{Binding SelectedInformation}">

private Information selectedInformation;
public Information SelectedInformation
    get { return selectedInformation; }
    set { SetProperty(ref selectedInformation, value); }

public UserBase_ViewModal()
    delete = new DelegateCommand(DeleteInformationInTable);

private void DeleteInformationInTable()

Test Automation
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Have a look at this article:
WPF DataGrid Practical Examples[^]

A lot about WPF Datagrid and it's operations should be clear to you after this.
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