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Hello There.
I am working on a small website and I need to send thread-post data through JSON.

This is the JSON object django serves:

[{"text":"Some sample text","id":"21","title":"Test Thread"}]

I saved this as a .js file and the following Javascript code works fine:

<script src=""></script>
      $.each(result, function(i, field){
        $("div").append(field.text + " ");

But when I change the getJSON url field to: - format:

It displays nothing. The web console of firefox does not display any errors either.

My view code is the following:
def thread_view(request, wall, Id):
    if request.method == 'GET':
        thread = api.get_thread(wall, Id)
        if thread != None:
            return HttpResponse(thread, content_type="application/json")
            return HttpResponse("No results")
        raise Http404

It takes information from the database and formats it into json using a simple serializer, and then sends the data.

What am I missing?

Extra info:

from bson import json_util
class JSONSerializer(object):
    def dumps(self, obj):
        return json_util.dumps(obj, separators=(',', ':')).encode('utf-8')

    def loads(self, data):
        return json_util.loads(data.decode('utf-8'))

I am using Django 1.6, JQuery 1.1, Python 2.7

When I enter the following url: firefox displays the JSON object just fine and it's exactly the same as the one in the js file.

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