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Hi all
i make an entity framework for a database (sql) and another one for Oracle using third party. but to the same db schema and all my changing in the SSDL.schema and adding a new connection string in Web.config
and the shared for both database (100% success when i change the connection string by hand in the code ). all what i need to change the connection in this file in the run time . is there a way to make it ?

example for my code in entity.designer.cs

public partial class entity: ObjectContext
       public entity() : base(name=connetionstring, context)
           this.ContextOptions.LazyLoadingEnabled = true;


i need to change the under line text in my run time
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You can get hold of the EntityConnection by ObjectContext instance.

ObjectContextInstance.Connection - and then type cast this to EntityConnection.

Then To this instance of EntityConnection, Get the storeConnection

EntityConnectionInstance.StoreConnection - this gives you the underlying connection string.

I hope this helps!.

There should be three constructors for the ObjectContext class

public Entities() : 
        base("name=Entities", "Entities")

public Entities(string connectionString) : 
        base(connectionString, "Entities")

public Entities(global::System.Data.EntityClient.EntityConnection connection) : 
        base(connection, "Entities")

Pass in the connection string or create an EntityConnection object

private static EntityConnection GetConnection()
    EntityConnectionStringBuilder entityBuilder = new EntityConnectionStringBuilder();
    entityBuilder.ProviderConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["xxx"].ConnectionString;
    entityBuilder.Provider = "System.Data.SqlClient";
    entityBuilder.Metadata = @"res://*/xxx.csdl|res://*/xxx.ssdl|res://*/xxx.msl";

    return new EntityConnection(entityBuilder.ToString());

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