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What does a C++ application needs to run?
I've heard that a simple one just needs msvcrt.dll in Windows OS?

What about other Operating Systems?

also my 2nd question is that,msvcrt is written in what language?

Updated 27-Aug-14 5:26am

Let me assure you: this is not urgent. At your level of knowledge, no one critically depends on your results. You just need to be more realistic. :-) In all cases, its not urgent at all for anyone, perhaps except your. Please don't try to urge people who are volunteering.

The answer: it depends. The application or library may not even require msvcrt.dll. But application compiled for Windows needs Windows, with compatible CPU instruction-set architecture. If it is compiler o Linux, it requires Linux. Even the executable file formats are different.

AmiR1999 27-Aug-14 15:03pm
Thank you,sorry again but is it true that c++ standard library is all in msvcrt.dll? so why Visual C++ Redistributables is needed?
AmiR1999 27-Aug-14 15:59pm
Wow! So C++ Standard Library is different from C/C++ Runtime! yeah?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Aug-14 16:00pm
What do you mean?
C++ libraries are different from C, because C++ libraries are generic-based and OO; and the include C libraries. :-)
1. It depends on the application and what libraries the application makes use of. When you in stall a compiler and its associated libraries it covers all the 'standard' features.
2. They are probably written in C with some assembler.

In future when you are in a hurry try doing some research for yourself.

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