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First of all I'm new to WPF. i need to know some details about WPF toolkit DATAGRID.

i'm using wpfdatagrid in my that i'm displaying 3 columns
first one is datagridcheckboxcolumn,next is list of names and last one is time column.
initially the time column is empty.
and i've one button(OK) in my app.

All i want is... i need to check some checkboxes after that if i click ok button means i've to display current time for the selected checkbox rows in time column.

if you have any idea about this means pls share with me.

Thanks in adnvance...
radix3 14-May-10 9:10am    
what exactly do u mean by current time,means do u wana display the first chkbox was selected on so and so time and so on ?

1 solution

The standard way to do this would be to have the time implemented as a nullable date time property in a class that implements INotifyPropertyChanged. Then, when you trigger the setting of the property, you fire the PropertyChanged event for this column, and the data gets displayed if you've set a binding to it.

Obviously this means that you have to bind the checkbox checked to a property and update it when the checked state is changed. Note that you wouldn't actually have to raise the PropertyChanged event on that field.
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