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Parent table
PidName  Address
1Ragu xyz
2Rages yyy

Child1Id Pid Amount
1 1 100
2 1 200
3 2 300

Child2Id Pid Expense
1 1 1000

Ouput should be like this

Pid Name Address Child1Id Amount Child2Id Expense
1 Ragu xyz 1100 null null
1 Ragu xyz 1 200 null null
1 Ragu xyz null
null 1 1000
Updated 28-Aug-14 21:09pm

SELECT p.Pid, Name, Address, Child1Id, Amount, Child2Id, Expense 
    (SELECT [Parent table].Pid, Name, Address, Child1Id, Amount
     FROM [Parent table] LEFT OUTER JOIN Child1 ON [Parent table].Pid = Child1.Pid) p
          LEFT OUTER JOIN Child2 ON p.Pid = Child2.Pid
Notes: I've assumed that by "A" you mean "Ragu" in your example and that you were only showing part of the example. If you want ouput filtered to just Pid = 1 then add:
WHERE p.Pid = 1

On reflection, I thought I'd add some words of caution:
This type of query can introduce a "cartesian product" (see this article[^] for a full explanation).

Cartesian products can cause confusion and will lead to wrong answers if you carry out aggregation on your dataset. A typical solution for aggregation is to carry out your aggreagation in your nested sub-select.
PhilLenoir 28-Aug-14 12:02pm
Thanks Nelek, I keep forgetting to use the code formatting option!
FeroseKhan 29-Aug-14 2:15am
Thanks for your reply .
Your Query not retrieving the exact output.
It returns the output based on child1 table (i.e) it will return only first 2 records as per the sample
PhilLenoir 2-Sep-14 9:25am
Sorry, there was a typo, the joins should have been "LEFT OUTER" not "LEFT INNER"; there's no such thing as a "LEFT INNER" join!

try this

select,,p.address ,c1.childid,c1.amount,c2.child2id,c2.expence from paraent p left outer join child c1 on left outer join child2 c2 on where  union all

select,,p.address ,c1.childid,c1.amount ,c2.child2id,c2.expence from paraent p full join child2 c2 on left outer join child c1 on   where c2.child2id=

Check this...

SELECT,,a.address,b.Child1Id,b.amount,null as 'Child2Id', null as 'Expense' from parent a
 left outer join child1 b on
SELECT,,a.address,null as 'Child1Id', null as 'amount',b.Child2Id,b.Expense from parent a
left outer join child2 b on

Hope this will give you expected output.


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