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I wrote a code to read multiple images at a time i,e p[1].....p[14] .No errors during compilation.
Error i got during run time is "segmentation fault".
code is:
int main(void)
FILE *fp;
int i;
char ch;
char fn[100];
Updated 1-Sep-14 20:46pm
User 59241 2-Sep-14 1:24am
Please explain in words what this code is meant to do because it makes no sense. Crazy code can be often compiled. Have you made any effort to debug this? The debugger will tell you immediately what is going on.

1 solution

The first thing to do is introduce some error checking.
Since you use the same file name for every file you read:
And you don't close it, that's going to give an error at some point.
But...what happens if the file doesn't exist? fopen will return a null, you will pass it to fread and you will get a segmentation fault...

You can start by replacing the fixed file name with the result from the sprintf call and that will help - but you do need to check the return value from fopen or you will have more problems later. And close your damn files when you have finished with them!

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