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i want to create web application using Knockout and MVC3 in VB . please suggest me
Updated 2-Sep-14 19:04pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 3-Sep-14 1:37am    
Do you think there is such a big difference? I hope you mean VB.NET, not VB. Both are .NET languages.
Him_Patel 3-Sep-14 3:23am    
I mean , i want to create application in VB Language. not Using C# Language.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 3-Sep-14 3:29am    
Just do it. Did you explain any problem here?
Him_Patel 3-Sep-14 5:04am    
now i refer this code

but, this is in C#. i want this example in VB
just it... Is it Possible ??
Sinisa Hajnal 3-Sep-14 2:14am    
Just find c# to converter there are online and offline services / programs...but two languages are identical in almost everything - you can easily take one and just rewrite the syntax.

In general, you do the same as with C#: create controller classes, views and models just using different ( syntax

To start from scratch using Knockout.js refer the link
Introduction to Knockout.js and CRUD Operations in ASP.Net Web Forms Using Knockout.JS[^]
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himanshu71 asked:
but, this is in C#. i want this example in VB
just it... Is it Possible ??
Of course.

You can automatically translate is. My recommendations can be found here: Code Interpretation, C# to VB.NET[^].

And… one little advice: if you want real help in .NET, learn at least the basics of C#, it's not hard at all. Most and best code samples, articles and other material found will be rather in C#. VB.NET is not a standardized, Microsoft does not take is so seriously as C#.

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Sinisa Hajnal 3-Sep-14 15:16pm    
Not true. They are developing them both in paralel. It is just that C# is more popular due to universities teaching it. C# has weaker intellisense, is case sensitive (whyyyy!?!?), weaker debugger general, it is worse language then Vb.NET...some would say it is too verbose. I say, it looks more like natural language and due to superior intelisense you actually type less.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 3-Sep-14 16:25pm    
Yes, they apparently develop them in parallel, but:
1) C# is the ECMA and ISO standards, VB.NET is not, and standardizing it is not planned, as I known.
2) C# comes first in all innovations. One can clearly see it.
You see, this is a social problem. Even though VB.NET is greatly improved (and not too much verbose, to my taste), many developers will never take it serious. Negative feedback works even of there is no rational factors. (And the standardization and some other factors are rational ones.)
Sinisa Hajnal 4-Sep-14 2:02am    
I agree. But I work in both (equally well) and from long practice (10 years) I prefer VB.NET. It's better at all development tasks and I can easily read examples/documentation in both. Standards are well and fine, but if I can deliver faster within commonly too short deadlines, I'll use non-standard :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-Sep-14 2:16am    
It's up to you; the speed of development is only a matter of your skills and habits; but not knowing C# in .NET development is not really affordable for a decent developer, even if not using it would be fine. Using and understanding are different thing. One may be not required, but another is important....
Sinisa Hajnal 4-Sep-14 3:10am    
I have the advantage of knowing both. But in general, I can understand java and python(never worked) and C++ (worked long time ago) - as most developers should. In general you should be able to understand the flow of the program even in unfamiliar syntax (with exception of some esoterica which should be followed through documentation :) ). I never said you should not know C#, just that VB is better for development if one can overcome prejudice against it. I was like that when going from C++ to .NET in VB shop :) Now I wouldn't go back although I had enough projects on C#.

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