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Hello Every,

As i am new in linq please help me to convert a sql query into linq. My query in as below.

Select * from TableName Where Field_Name In (1,2,8,4)

Thanks in Advance.
Gihan Liyanage 11-Sep-14 6:42am    
You can easily do it with

try this.
var result = from tbl in TableName
             where tbl.Field_name = 1 ||tbl.Field_name = 2
              || tbl.Field_name = || tbl.Field_name = 4;

if any issue then let me know
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Rahul JR 11-Sep-14 8:06am    
or is not working...
MuhammadUSman1 12-Sep-14 0:16am    
Replace or with ||. it should work
try Once..

var result= from objTbl in objModel.TableName where new[] { 1, 2,8,4}.Contains(objTbl .Field_name ) select objTbl ;

String????then try this..

var result= from objTbl in objModel.TableName where new[] { "1","2","8","4"}.Contains(objTbl .Field_name ) select objTbl ;
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SQL IN equivalent in LINQ is .Contains(). So create a collection of values and use .Contains() method like follows:

var lstItems = new List<int>(){1, 2,8,4};

var result= from item in Context.Table_Name where lstItems.Contains(item.Column_Name) select item;</int>

Hope it helps.
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