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Hi after long search on web,still i am unable to work with rdlc in this is my first time working with i am having alot of issues regarding this. In web people are using db connections to populate reports.and some using object data sources. So my question is:

Is it possible to generate a static report.Means to say hardcoded report using textboxes/labels?
and then after creating static report,we could fill those values on some button click event like this: textbox1.text="Your name"

Actually i dont want to use bindings etc. i can also put the sample of my report,if required. Kindly guide my about rdlc working,etc. Thanks
Updated 11-Sep-14 8:34am
AnvilRanger 11-Sep-14 14:30pm
What is the purpose of said report? From what you are describing you only have someone enter data into a web form to generate a paper form. It does not make a lot of sense. Are you not storing this information in a database?
hamza qureshi 11-Sep-14 14:42pm
I want to create a pdf report with information in it.yes of course data will come from db but not directly from db.let me explain you the steps:
- Data will be fetched from db
- Data will be executed.different alogithmss will be implemented on that data.
- then i want to show that data fields in report viewer.
i hope you will get my point.
/\jmot 11-Sep-14 15:44pm
do you want this report like editable pdf fomrat???

1 solution

Your situation is odd, but you have a few options

1.Save this "manipulated" data back to you db and generate your report from that.

2.Take this "manipulated" data and create some object in memory to hold it. You can use a datatable a dataset, or even a customer object. Then use said object as the datasource for your report.
hamza qureshi 11-Sep-14 15:02pm
May be i guess 2nd point is better to use in my situation.I will try for that.but can we use two datatables in one report?

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