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Using System.Data.OracleCilent, I'm trying to connect to Oracle 10g Express Edition. My connection string is as follows.

"Data Source=xe;User Id=SYS AS SYSDBA;Password=MYPASS;Integrated Security=no;"

But every time I'm getting the following error:

ora-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

I have tried with upper case & lower case credentials, also with putting double quotes around the credentials and every possible combinations. Please help me to get rid of the problem.

NB: I can login to sqlplus with this credentials & I'm using VS - 2010 with .NET Framework 4.0
ZurdoDev 12-Sep-14 11:50am    
Your userid has spaced in it?
PIEBALDconsult 12-Sep-14 12:01pm    
I would try apostrophes, but this shows another option.

Also be aware that System.Data.OracleCilent is not recommended. "This types in System.Data.OracleClient are deprecated and will be removed in a future version of the .NET Framework"
Try Oracle's provider --
DEVART's provider --

1 solution

In order to log in as SYSDBA use the following syntax:
Data Source=xe;User Id=SYS;DBA Privilege=SYSDBA;Password=MYPASS

Typically SYSDBA privileges and SYS user shouldn't be used, but I take it you use these privileges on purpose.
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JakirBB 12-Sep-14 13:08pm    
Used that too earlier. Error is "Keyword not supported: 'dba privilege'"
Wendelius 12-Sep-14 14:07pm    
Just noticed that you use MS client. Since that is obsolete these days, as PIEBALDconsult pointed out you should use ODP.NET. Download it from[^]

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