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This is just simple question in java inheritance.
Suppose I created a base class from a super class like

class Toyota extends Car{
String modelNumber;

public Toyota(String modelNumber)
this.modelNumber = modelNumber;

//rest of the member data should remain as the default value in the car class.

the Car class has its own constructor with the default value;

so if I am instantiating a Toyota class in another class then how do i create a new toyota class such that all the member data remain same as a parent class with extra data added as a model number;
does Toyota myCar = new Car() does that ?
is there a mechanism where even if I create a new class using new Toyota() instead of new Car() will inherit the default value for the new Toyota object.

1 solution

Toyota myCar = new Car()

You can't do that!
Because Toyota is derived from Car, it can and should contain information that a Car object doesn't. That info can't be "invented"! :laugh:

If you could do that, it would be like saying "An apple is a fruit, so all fruits are apples" which is patently nonsense!

What you need to say is
Car myCar = new Toyota()
because a Car could be a Toyota, or a Ford, or a Ferrari, or ...

And that gives you the Toyota constructor as well as the Car constructor.
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xcelme 13-Sep-14 2:07am    
thanks that makes sense
OriginalGriff 13-Sep-14 3:22am    
You're welcome!

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