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Tried google but no success. I am using php with mysql. I have two tables- pm and pm_reply. I want to display all the records from these tables. I am using left join to combine tables. Problem is if pm has a row and pm_reply is empty, i am getting all the records from pm along with blank record that is i think from pm_reply.

Now plz tell me how to display all the records from pm and pm_reply without this blank record.

Here is my pm table:
pm_id int not null primary key autoincrement,
subject varchar(50) not null,
message text not null

And Here is pm_reply table:
pm_reply_id int not null primary key autoincrement, 
pm_id int not null,
resubject varchar(50) not null,
details text not null

And here is my query:
$sql=mysql_query("select pm.*,  pm_reply.* FROM pm LEFT JOIN pm_reply ON pm.pm_id=pm_reply.pm_id" );
Updated 13-Sep-14 7:40am
Mohibur Rashid 13-Sep-14 8:43am
don't join,
SELECT a.*, b.* FROM pm a, pm_reply b WHERE a.pm_id=b.pm_id
CHill60 13-Sep-14 13:52pm
That is a join!
Pankaj Mahor 13-Sep-14 9:29am
not working
ChauhanAjay 13-Sep-14 9:54am
You have mentioned that all the columns in your table are not null. So you will have to put a value in it. If you not entering any value then what are your storing in those columns.
Pankaj Mahor 13-Sep-14 10:22am
Both tables have data. Here i have only posted a question of my problem not my whole php code.

1 solution

Maybe this can be of help
mysql left join explanation[^]

Have you tried without the LEFT keyword?

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