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i want to set background color to a table ,
i have written something like this in my code

table id is: datatable

$('tr').each(function () {
if ($(this).find('td').eq(4).text().trim() === "yes") {
$(this).css('background', 'green');


it is working fine, but problem is color is applying to alternation rows values, i mean suppose if two rows contains text value "yes" it is applying to only second row value not to the first one, like this is applying ,but i need to set the color to the rows where ever text value contains "yes", please help me how to solve this?

Note:All data is coming dynamically!!!!!!!!!!
Updated 15-Sep-14 19:25pm
Snesh Prajapati 15-Sep-14 2:20am    
On click of any column in table, you want to get the value of last column?

You can use a ternary operator to assign check text and assign color value as follows.

$('tr').each(function () {
var cell =$(this).find('td').eq(4);
var color=cell.text().trim() == "yes"?"Green":"Red";
cell.css('background', color);

Let me know if this helps.

Adil Shaikh
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pavan_ kumar 15-Sep-14 23:47pm    
thanks, it is working fine
Change td:last to td:eq(wanted_index)[^] - read jQuery documentation in the link.

Depending on what you mean by data is coming dynamically (that is, if wanted column changes position) you'll have to mark it some way - adding class, adding new field in your data which return exact index etc... Otherwise just use fixed index in eq function
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pavan_ kumar 15-Sep-14 23:46pm    
pavan_ kumar 16-Sep-14 0:22am    
i have tried this way, it is working fine, but color is applying only to alternation rows i mean suppose two lines immediately contains text "yes" it is getting applying to only second row value not to the first one, why like this? how can i solve this?
Sinisa Hajnal 16-Sep-14 2:06am    
This is matter of row selection.

You have different selectors for odd and even rows. You're applying this change to both, but later it is overwritten by a rule for different background in every other row. Check excellent Chrome Developer tools or Firebug for Firefox, both can show you the rules applied to an element.

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