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I have dynamic text-boxes. They will be created dynamically based on the available columns in the datagridview1. Now the concern is i want to use these text-boxes as search fields for whole datagridview1 for the corresponding columns. When i enter the values in the text-boxes and click a button, the result should contain the data (rows that contain the keyword entered in dynamic text-boxes) that contains the entered data in text-boxes in the existing datagridview1 into another datagridview2 control.

Pls help me in getting this ASAP.

Thanks in advance :)

Thanks & Regards,
Updated 18-May-10 0:34am

1 solution

Without looking at any code it is impossible to give a specific reply, but what I think you need to do is to create a general delegate that will sort your data based on a keyword and then add the delegate when you create your button, sort of like this

Private Sub ClickHandler(ByVal sender as Object, ByVal e as System.EventArgs)
'Do Work Here
End Sub

'in the routine that creates the button do this
Dim btnFilter as New Button
btnFilter.Text = "Filter"
AddHandler btnFilter.Click ,AddressOf ClickHandler

I hope this is what you were after

Happy Coding
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tirumal reddy 18-May-10 7:33am    
Thanks for ur response. But this is not the intended one that i was asking for.
Where is the Filter referring to?
Wayne Gaylard 18-May-10 7:52am    
Sorry the Filter part is just the text for the button. You will need to post some code if you need further help

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