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i am using this code for starting the wcf service .the code is runing fine but it is not starting the wcf service . there is no error or exception during the execution of the program

ServiceHost host;
      private void StartBtn_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

          var baseaddress = new Uri[] { new Uri("") };
          using (host = new ServiceHost(typeof(WcfServiceLibrary1.Service1), new Uri[] { new Uri("") }))
              // Enable metadata publishing.
              ServiceMetadataBehavior smb = new ServiceMetadataBehavior();
              smb.HttpGetEnabled = true;
              smb.MetadataExporter.PolicyVersion = PolicyVersion.Policy15;

              // Open the ServiceHost to start listening for messages. Since
              // no endpoints are explicitly configured, the runtime will create
              // one endpoint per base address for each service contract implemented
              // by the service.
              host.AddServiceEndpoint(typeof(WcfServiceLibrary1.IService1), new WSHttpBinding(), "WcfServiceLibrary1.Service1");

              richTextBox1.AppendText("The service is ready at {0}"+ baseaddress.ToString());
              richTextBox1.AppendText("Press <stop service> to stop the service.");

              // Close the ServiceHost.
              // host.Close();
Updated 18-Sep-14 23:04pm
Herman<T>.Instance 19-Sep-14 4:22am    
how have you set it up in IIS?
Adi5555 19-Sep-14 5:56am    
i am using self hosting not IIS
johannesnestler 19-Sep-14 6:13am    
hmm - code Looks ok - just checked with my selfhosting app - same (conceptual) code...
johannesnestler 19-Sep-14 6:14am    
Did you try to call the Service with WCFTestClient or another application?
Adi5555 19-Sep-14 6:19am    
the service is also working fine .... its even working in local area network...but i want to start is with the exe file not from visual studio execution

1 solution

You can run a self-hosting WCF service as a console app, then just leave it to run in the background. To invoke it, build the console app into an exe and run it whenever you need it.

This is how I test my WCF services before I deploy them to IIS.

See my example WCF service that I have posted on Github which contains a self-hosted WCF service as a console app[^]
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