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Hi.. Gud mrng.

I have d requirement that if the user clicked refresh button or f5 I need to redirect the page to Login page..

I had done with browser close using
$(window).bind('beforeunload', function (e) {
//my logiic

But i failed in the refresh or pressing f5..

if u know .
plz help me..

Updated 30-Jul-17 10:21am

Link 1

Link 2

Check the above 2 links
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check this[^]

Please check the above solution, it has used javascript, but i guess this would solve this problem of yours.
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I got the solution by using below code...
I tested in IE,Chrome and FireFox...
It works great for me..

@*//Script for detect Browser refresh..
<script type="text/javascript">

         var logoutFlag = true;
         var success = false;

         $(document).ready(function () {

             $("a,:input").click(function () {
                 logoutFlag = false;

             var myEvent = window.attachEvent || window.addEventListener;
             var chkevent = window.attachEvent ? 'onbeforeunload' : 'beforeunload';

             myEvent(chkevent, function (e) {

                 if (logoutFlag == true) {

                         type: "POST",
                         traditional: true,
                         dataType: "json",
                         async: false,
                         url: '@Url.Action(UrActionName, UrControllerName)',

                         success: function (data) {

                             if (data == "Success") {
                                 success = true;

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<div id='iconos'></div>

function refreshcontrol(){
'use strict';
var keyCodes = {
  116 : "f5 "
var body = document.querySelector('body');
body.onkeydown = function (e) {
  if ( !e.metaKey ) {
	var finsesion=1
$.post('finsesion.php',{action: "iconos", finsesion:finsesion},function(res){

-------------PHP finsesion.php-----------

header('Location: login.php');
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Graeme_Grant 30-Jul-17 19:38pm    
Any reason that you are answering a 3+-year-old question that the OP has already accepted answers to? Please don't answer tombstoned questions! Only answer those that are current and requiring help.

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