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Hi all

How can i use a wsdl file in my local system to consume webservice, i have tried by specifying file path in 'Add Web Reference' , but getting the error 'Invalid at the top level of the document.'


1 solution

open Visual Studio, create a web project or console app, and then right-click on the project and pick "Add Service Reference" from the context menu.

Enter the file path and name into the box and import the WSDL - this will generate a simple, very basic WCF client for you to use. You should find a "YourservicenameClient" class in the generated code which should have methods for each of the defined methods on the WSDL contract.

Instantiate the client and call the methods you want to call - that's all there is!

YourServiceClient client = new YourServiceClient();

if you need to specify the remote URL (not using the one created by default), you can easily do this in the constructor of the proxy client:

YourServiceClient client = new YourServiceClient("configName", "remoteURL");

where "configName" is the name of the endpoint to use (you will use all the settings except the URL), and the "remoteURL" is a string representing the URL to connect to (instead of the one contained in the config).
Praveen_P 24-Sep-14 8:57am
i am getting error when i add my local file path in Add reference

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