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i have master-detail DataGridViews and a save button.
i have a RowValidating event handler on my detail DataGridView,
and a button Click event handler for the button.

when i add a new row to detail grid, and then immediately click the save button, i expect these handlers to be executed : RowValidating , ButtonClick
but that doesn't happen..

RowValidating handler gets executed, but button Click handler is never reached.
i commented out all code in my RowValidating handler, and the problem was still there...

i deleted RowValidating handler, and only then ( Click handler) was executed.

any idea what the problem could be?
i haven't posted any code, because the problem is there even if no code is written within the RowValidating handler
thanks in advance

1 solution

i have solved it like this :

i set CausesValidation Property of the save button to FALSE, so when the button is clicked immediately after changing a value in the grid, the RowValidating event is never fired. and to insure validation the the grid row, i just called this.Validate() method inside the buttonClick event handler. this method will fire validation events for the control which lost focus when the button was clicked.

in my case, when i edit a row in the grid, and click the button, the buttonClick is fired, and form.validate() is called, which in turn calls RowValidating on my lately modified grid row.

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