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i have a datatable dt which has name and subject as 2 of its columns. I want to find if there is any duplicate entries for the combination of these two column values .
ChintanShukla 26-Sep-14 5:30am
Duplicate Columns with same column name or Duplicate records(rows) within those columns?

DataTable distinct = dt.DefaultView.ToTable(true, "Subject, Name");
if (distinct.rows.count == dt.rows.count)
//there are no duplicates
}else {
// there are duplicates

This code creates new datatable object from existing one, but only creates distinct rows. If the counts match, you didn't have any duplicates.

ToTable true parameter means take distinct and the string is a list of column names that are basis for distinct comparison

If this helps, please take time to accept the solution so others may find it. Thank you.
Upniwesh 28-Mar-17 15:28pm

It has been solved my problem
try like below
class Program
       static void Main(string[] args)

           var duplicates = GetTable().AsEnumerable().GroupBy(i => new{Name = i.Field<string>("Name"),Subject = i.Field<string>("Subject")}).Where(g => g.Count() > 1).Select(g => new {g.Key.Name, g.Key.Subject}).ToList();
       static DataTable GetTable()
           var table = new DataTable();
           table.Columns.Add("Name", typeof(string));
           table.Columns.Add("Subject", typeof(string));
           table.Rows.Add("Jameel", "Maths");
           table.Rows.Add("Jameel", "Maths");
           table.Rows.Add("Arun", "Chemistry");
           return table;

Hope this helps

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