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I have a small project that is not able to connect to a database so I
have the data necessary for the project to run, saved into an XML file
in the root directory of the project/solution in VB Net. I am able to
load the XML data into a temporary table at runtime but am unable to locate a
way to query the temp table via code. An simple example of a query to
a temp table within a project would be nice.

The Table is set up as follows...

1) AutoID *Key
2) Name as string
3) Filepath as string
4) Count as integer
5) Type as string

The following places the data into a table on the page but I
am looking for a way to query/filter this before hand. I would
like to Oder it by Name (A-Z).

Dim DS As DataSet
        DS = New DataSet()

        DS.ReadXml(appPath + "\data.xml")
        Dim i As Integer
        For i = 0 To DS.Tables(0).Rows.Count - 1
        DataGrid1.DataSource = DS

I know that they is probably a way to do this using the dataSource
I created. But I would also like a plain example of how to perform
a query via code to "Select * From TableA where Name = 'Mike'"

Thanks for any help.
[no name] 29-Sep-14 21:06pm

1 solution

Try linq to xml?
Dim partNos = _
    From item In purchaseOrder...<Item> _
    Where (item.<Quantity>.Value * _
           item.<USPrice>.Value) > 100 _
    Order By item.<PartNumber>.Value _
    Select item

I copyed this code from MSDN.For further knowledge.Refer to[^]
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