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how to get the value of the checked check box in data grid view and insert the selected row in database mysql.

i have the column names cloth_id, cloth_desc quantity and price
if the check box in the row was checked then the quantity and price will be multiplied to get the total amount to be paid. thanks in advance :)
This code is good for only 1 row. help me in query when multiple row was checked.
thanks :)

If e.RowIndex >= 0 Then
           Dim row As DataGridViewRow
           Dim amount, qty, prod As Double
           row = Me.DataGridView1.Rows(e.RowIndex)
           amount = row.Cells("Price").Value.ToString
           qty = row.Cells("Qty").Value.ToString
           prod = amount * qty
           kg.Text = prod
       End If
Updated 30-Sep-14 20:21pm
Sinisa Hajnal 1-Oct-14 3:47am
Where is this code of yours? I mean in which event / method? It works for all rows except first one...

Also, do you need to save checked on button click? Or some other event? Below is the solution for the button click

1 solution

Protected Sub btnSave_Click(sender as Object,  e as EventArgs) 

    For Each grv as DataGridViewRow in DataGridView1.Rows

        If grv.Cells("checkboxcolumnname").Checked 
             ' your save code
        End If

End Sub

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