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I am trying to output my code with 32 zeroes of padding... My code works fine without the padding. When I do pad, it gives me the error "unhandled exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not sset to an instance of an object....

What can I do to fix this?

using System;

class Binary
    public static string Bin(uint number)

        if( number / 2 == 0)
            Console.Write(number % 2);

            Console.Write( number % 2 );

        return null;

    public static void Main( )
        Console.WriteLine("Enter a decimal number: ");
        uint number = uint.Parse( Console.ReadLine() );

        string result = Bin ( number );



1 solution

Bin always returns null, so result.PadLeft will always throw that Exception. And this isn't a task for recursion.

What are you trying to do? Write out the binary representation of a uint? If so, you could try result = System.Convert.ToString ( number , 2 ).PadLeft ( 32 , '0' )

If it's a homework assignment, then I think you ought to spend the weekend studying bitwise operations.

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