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o.k guys, the problem today goes like this:
I have an MDI form which contains all the other forms obviously.
on the main menu of my program (on the MDI form), i want to lay 4 pictureBox's.
Now, the BackgroundImage of the mdi is NOT set to none and i am loading my own picture and stretch it. the picturebox backColor is set to Transparent. when i run the code, instead of transparent Background on the pictureBox where i can see the BackgroundImage of the mdi, all i can see is white Background (or Gray). any ideas?

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I guess this is about understanding or "transparency". In raw effect, nothing is transparent: you just have different colors for different pixels, and the pixel is always 100% opaque.
The effect of transparency comes up (rather as a metaphor), when you move some object over non-uniform background. Then the background behave as some see-through pattern; the resulting pixels are composed of the combination of colors of background and foreground. On a uniform background, "transparency" is undetectable. There is no a way to spot the difference between the semi-transparent image, or some 100% opaque image tinted with the background color in certain proportion depending on some opaqueness value.

Now: two recommendations which may come at surprise:
  • Almost never use PictureBox. This control is totally redundant and won't give you any benefits (but may add a lot of troubles), except the simplest possible cases. Transparency is already not the simple case. Instead, render some Image on some Control yourself. Showing some semi-transparent image is quite trivial.

  • Never use MDI. Don't torture yourself and scare off you customers. You will see what I recommend to do in some of the past answers referenced below.

Some references to my past answers:
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Good luck.
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